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Batman Super Hero Black Thong Panties

Batman Super Hero Black Thong Panties


Batman Super Hero Black Fashion Designer 3D Novelty Thong Panties... 

Once you get a pair of these,

You're going to love them...

They're super HOT and the top of the panties cling to your butt.

- These come in many different sizes...

Will make your mate want to do more than just go out and fight crime with you..... Lol


- Novelty Panties are a Specialty Item,

Which are at high demand in the Exotic Dancer -

Go Go Girl lifestyle...

Perfect for live Stage Dance Entertainment,

Lap Dancing,

Live Webcam shows and private at Home bedroom entertainment...

Grab a pair of these bad boys and watch what happens later on tonight.....

Get you and your entire team a few pair of these now...

Size: Large
Color: Black and Yellow
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