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Many Shades Of Melanin Pocketbook

Many Shades Of Melanin Pocketbook


This is a very nice and unique designer fashion pocketbook... 

- Color / Brown -

- Faux Patch Leather & Suede - 

- Gold Buckles, Hooks and Buttons -

- Snap Button closure -

- Inside Pockets -

Durable Square shaped sewing design -

Reinforced bottom with special hook decorations -

- Ultra-Lightweight and Casual Style -

- Multi Season Pocketbook -

Good for special occasion use -

Can hold your essentials such as I pad, Cellphone, Cosmetics, Wallet and more...

Size Details - Approximately - 12 inches Long x 9 inches Wide

14 inches Height.

Strap Length 1-24" inches Long

Dimension - Long enough to put on your shoulder -

The length of the handle can work as a sling bag,

Cross body bag and a Tote bag...

Only 1 left in stock
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    Touch Photo Left & Right To View Features

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