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Fart Bomb

Fart Bomb


Are you REALLY going to make me describe this product ??? ... Lol -

Once you push down on the Fart Bag and release your fingers,

The Fart Bag begins to enlarge and EXPLODE...

That's when "ALL FREAKIN' HELL BREAKS LOOSE" !!! ...

Lord Have Mercy -

All that you smell is a scent that will turn YOUR stomach upside DOWN and INSIDE OUT -

In the worst possible way...

Who ever created these Fart Bags,

Deserve to go into the history books as a real true genius.... Lol -

Do you want to CLEAR out a room ? ...

This is perfect ...


It smells HORRIBLE and if you SQUEEZE these little suckers,

You've better RUN...

Because once it EXPLODE,

The stinky liquid in the bag is going to come flying straight to your clothes... Lol

- Don't stick around and allow this stinky stuff to explode on your clothes...

Because you're going to SMELL just like SHIT all day long!!! ... 

Consider yourself WARNED... Lmao

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