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Victoria's Secret  LOVE PINK Lanyard

Victoria's Secret LOVE PINK Lanyard


Victoria's Secret  Love Pink Lanyard Keychain...

This is a very popular household brand name item...

The colors on this 18 inch Lanyard are very bold and bright.

This pretty Neon Green and Baby Blue detailed lanyards are great for carrying your Car or House keys or when you're at work,

Carry your Job I.D. Badge or your picture photo I.D....

Lanyards are very popular for Teenagers, Teachers and people who work in the school system,

Security Officer or Corporate lines of business...

Excellent for people on the go such as Hikers, Bikers and Joggers.

- Thick Nylon material -

Detachable clip keychain for ease of access to your carrying material.

Breakaway technology adds additional safety in case your lanyard gets caught or stuck in a compromising position.


If you're a true lover of fashion,

And Victoria's Secret is one of your favorites,

Order one of these Lanyards today...


We have many different colors... 

Please select your color from - A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R...


  • Touch Photo Left & Right To View Features

    Touch Photo Left & Right To View Features

Victoria Secret LOVE PINK brand - VS Love Pink logo brand clothes, Panties, Socks, Face Mask, Lanyard, Wallet and accessories - LOVE PINK  - My Collection Of Goodies 1219 Liberty Avenue Hillside NJ 07205 - United States 
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