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Keychain Lanyard with Clear I.D. Holder

Keychain Lanyard with Clear I.D. Holder


Check out this 20 inch long Keychain photo I.D. Lanyard.

White letters with Red straight line.

Features the SAFETY breakaway detachable neck buckle...

The breakaway clamp buckle can be re-connected,

And this Lanyard come with a 4 inch x 2.5 inch clear I.D. holder...

The waterproof and dustproof I.D. Card Holder,

Is great to keep your important paper or plastic badge card dry,


Secure and always looking new!

- Letters Carriers can now feel safe when carrying their Postal Photo I.D...

- Also makes a great KEYCHAIN for Managers,


Window Clerks,

Truck Drivers, Custodians and Postal Police.

Only 1 Lanyard with 1 Clear I.D. Holder - Come in each order.

Order all your favorite Co-Workers a Lanyard Keychain today.

They will really love you.

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    Touch Photo Left & Right To View Features

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