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Sinful City 3D Panties

Sinful City 3D Panties


Check out these,

Very super hot Jet Black Novelty Panties...

Featuring a 3D Snow White Skull Face and Bloody Red Rose Flowered design...

These are very beautiful up close and personal.

Most see them up close in person,

To truly appreciate them.

The top of the Panties cling to your butt.

- One Size - Recommended for Women who wear size Medium or smaller -
Fits Waistline: Approx. 23″ – 30″ / 58cm – 76cm -  


Novelty Panties are a Specialty Item,

Which are at high demand in the Exotic Dancer - Go Go Girl lifestyle...

Perfect for live Stage Dance Entertainment,

Lap Dancing,

Live Webcam shows and private at Home bedroom entertainment...

Grab a pair of these bad boys and watch what happens later on tonight.....

Represent for all the Ride Or Die Chicks... 

Get you and your Friends a pair now... 

Size: Medium
Color: Jet Black / Multi-Colored
Only 1 left in stock
  • Touch Photo Left & Right To View Features

    Touch Photo Left & Right To View Features

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