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-  Store Pickup -  

Curbside Store Pickup...  

Add your favorite items to your shopping cart.
Go to View Cart. 
Make sure all of your favorite items are in your cart and the quantity is correct...
Then add your promo code on the left side of the screen and click Apply.
Check your total.

In the Shipping box,
Scroll down until you see - Don't ship it, I'll pick it up...
Click that option.

- Make sure your Promo Code and your Total is correct,
And you selected Don't Ship it -

Now click the yellow PayPal box to make a Credit Card or PayPal transaction.
You will be redirected to the credit card and PayPal page.
Then you have 2 options.

The blue box is for PayPal log in...
The gray box is for Debit and Credit card payments.
If you're NOT using PayPal - Click on the gray box.
You will be redirected to the Credit Card information screen.


PLEASE NOTE - If you're picking up your order OR having it shipped to you,
                                    The process is still the same.
ALL information at checkout must be filled out regardless...  
Please check your total at the top of the page, Fill out the credit card info,
Billing address, Telephone number and Email address.
Please re-check all of your information and then scroll to the bottom of the Checkout page. Click the blue Continue box and you will be re-directed to the final Checkout page.

You will see the Checkout, Review and Place Your Order page.
Make sure that you READ all your order information on the left side of the screen and make sure that ALL of your favorite items / Order Summary is correct on the right side of the screen.
CUSTOMERS sometime rush through this last process of the order and make huge mistakes. FOR EXAMPLE --- PLEASE make sure if you're ordering 2 Betty Boop Rhinestone watches, Your quantity selection has 2 and not 1 or 3... When it come to exchanging money, Always Take Your Time.

You will see your "Pickup From Store" instructions on the left side of the screen.

If everything is correct,
Place Order by clicking the black box at the bottom of the screen.
Wait for your Order Confirmation receipt to pop-up...

There's no print option,
      So please write down your Order Number and Total or do a screen-shot on your mobile device for proof of purchase. You will need this information when you stop by to retrieve your order. Please call in advance upon arrival...



                 We provide Curbside Store Pickup to all customers, Who are interested in paying for your order online and skipping the Shipping process. You now have the opportunity of having your favorite products bought outside to your vehicle... Yes you may pickup your order in person without exchanging any money or standing in line to retrieve it. There is NO minimum for Curbside Store Pickup and you may select as many products as you like...  So get your shopping cart ready... Grab some lip gloss, A bottle of perfume, A nice shirt for your husband and we'll meet you outside with all of your favorite goodies...  During Checkout, You must select the Curbside Store Pickup option located inside the Shipping fee category, To qualify for the Curbside Store Pickup service. Please call in advance, At least 2 hours upon your arrival. Give us time to get ready.   

                                                                                              Thank you.
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