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Butt Crack Fart Spray

Butt Crack Fart Spray


FART SPRAY - It smells like your Neighbor's butt crack ... Lol

- Come on,

Are you REALLY going to make me describe this product ??? ... Lol -

You get 1 bottle Spray which is around 6 inches long...

Once you push down and spray,


Lord Have Mercy -

All that you smell is a scent that will turn YOUR stomach upside DOWN and INSIDE OUT -

In the worst possible way...

Who ever created this FART SPRAY,

Deserve to go into the history books as a real true genius.... Lol -

Do you want to CLEAR out a room ? ...

This is perfect ...


It smells HORRIBLE and if you SPRAY it on someone's clothes,

They may try to KILL you !!! ... Lol -

Just one bottle will cause a great deal of chaos...

- One bottle of Fart Spray comes with each other -

אזל מהמלאי
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